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Rhodes, the pearl of the Mediterranean region, is a cosmopolitan island that combines unique natural beauty and archaeological wealth with stunning beaches and intensive nightlife. This is a place for everyone: simultaneously youthful and family friendly, romantic and modern.

The Island

Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, is not an ordinary holiday resort but a cosmopolitan place with an international reputation: the charming medieval town, the sophisticated Lindos, the irresistible valley of the butterflies, the high-quality lifestyle and the long golden sand beaches make the days and nights in the island unforgettable. Rhodes is a combination of medieval tradition and modern style which impresses and fascinates visitors of all kinds. At the homonym capital of Rhodes, the romantic medieval Old Town holds amazing historical buildings, and the modern New Town also has its archaeological findings. Millions of tourists walk through the narrow streets of the Old Town every year, to visit the museums, the churches and the fortress walls, just following the steps of the knights. Together with an intensive nightlife in Faliraki, crystal water and warm locals, the island makes for a great choice in holiday!

Beach Life

Crystal waters, golden sand, sunny days and unforgettable beach-moments! The beach in front of the hotel Mediterranean in the city of Rhodes, is one of the best spots of the island.

Do & See

Rhodes offers a variety of activities all year round: the island’s natural beauty, ancient monuments from its long and often turbulent history, and a wonderful atmosphere aided in no small part by the warm hospitality of the locals.


Rhodes offers restaurants for every taste, as from traditional Greek Taverns to international menus with fish, pizzas and pastas, you can almost find everything. For some typical experience, go ahead and try the traditional dishes "Koulouria" or "matsi", which you may find mostly in the village taverns. Alternatively, try some handmade pasta cooked in goat stock, browned in fresh butter and sprinkled with Parmesan.


Scattered across Rhodes Island but especially concentrated in Rhodes Town, you'll find an array of cosy and friendly cafes that are the epitome of Greek hospitality. While all excel in serving a tempting range of fresh juices and refreshments, each cafe has its own unique atmosphere worth exploring. Whether you're in the mood for an aromatic Greek coffee, a revitalising frappé or fruit smoothie, you're assured excellent service and a memorable experience.

Bars & Nightlife

Rhodes comes alive when the sun sets and the heat of the day wanes, offering a kaleidoscope of nightlife experiences that cater to all tastes. Whether you're drawn to the historic allure of the Old Town's 'bar street', the chic appeal of Ixia's upscale clubs, or the authentic Greek evenings in Ialysos, the island promises unforgettable nocturnal adventures. Miltiadou Street in the Old Town and Orfanidou Street in Niochori stand as the city's main epicentres of nightlife, but don't let that limit you. From beach bars in Faliraki and Lindos that blur the line between day and night to a multitude of venues across the city, Rhodes truly has something for everyone.


Embarking on a shopping adventure in Rhodes is like stepping into a tapestry of old and new. The town is home to two distinct market experiences: the folklore market, brimming with tradition, and the new market, showcasing familiar brand names. Each of these markets operates on different schedules. In the Old Town, the shops come alive at night, catering primarily to tourists. The busy streets of Aristotelous and Sokratous, along with the surrounding lanes near Ippokratous Square, form the epicentre of Old Town shopping. This area feels like a fair, adorned with colourful umbrellas, teeming with souvenirs, jeweller's shops, and more — ideal for those in search of keepsakes or one-of-a-kind trinkets. For the fashion-forward, the New Market located on Sofokli Venizelou Street and Kyprou Square is your go-to destination for stylish attire. In contrast, Archangelos offers a slice of tradition, complete with handmade pots and the island's classic leather boots.

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